BricsCAD Link Doesn't Run After Updating BricsCAD and IRRICAD Link

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BricsCAD Link Doesn't Run After Updating BricsCAD and IRRICAD Link

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Symptoms: When starting the program after installing IRRICAD Link it seems to get hung before the full application is loaded. The main window that should show the Model and Paper space tabs has not gotten that far and nothing appears to happen or proceed.

Cause: The cause of this hang appears to be a message that you cannot see to click OK on to be able to proceed. We suspect the message is the "E0007 - Error Loading Import Library message" which will also detail the version of DLL that it is having trouble with (this will include your previous IRRICAD Link version number). This situation occurs when saying "Yes" to importing the previous BricsCAD settings when installing the newer BricsCAD version (which is why we recommend clicking "No").

Solution: Ordinarily you would see the message pop up and after clicking [OK] you can then edit the Support Files path in the settings. However as the program is not getting this far the editing will need to done directly in the registry.

2. Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V22x64\en_US\Profiles\Irricad\Config (make sure you are looking in the correct CAD version folder for the latest version).
3. Look for “SRCHPATH” in the right-hand side. You can search for this with the Registry's "Find" tool.
4. Double-click on the little "ab" icon to left of "“SRCHPATH” and check the "value data". Make sure it includes “%ProgramFiles%\Irricad\Irricad Link V20 BricsCAD V22\” (or whatever the folder name your IRRICAD Link V20 is installed under) AND does not contain any other Irricad Link paths.

If you get stuck, send your profile to us by right-clicking on the “Irricad” profile in the left-hand-side and selecting Export. Save the file to your hard-drive and then zip it up. Email through the zipped .reg file to

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