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Amin Machiani
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Irrigation Block Edit

Post by Amin Machiani »

I tried to create tape block entity from tree canopies that I imported to Irricad but in some blocks with steps the shape of Irrigation block is different to the original tree canopy.
Can you please guide how to adjust block entity to overlay on the original tree canopy?
I tried move point on area lasso but don't know how to add point as I am short of points to keep up with the steps.
Please see the attached.

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Re: Irrigation Block Edit

Post by jovivier »

This might be caused by the number of vertices in the original polygon. The lower block which works well has under 100 vertices however the problem block has almost 150 vertices. While this only appears to happen in IRRICAD Standalone, even though the irrigation block boundary in IRRICAD Link looks to match the original polygon boundary some laterals will not reach the boundary while others may extend beyond the boundary.
We will investigate this further.

Note that you cannot add vertices to the existing Irrigation Area. In this case drawing the Irrigation Area on top of the polygon, rather than converting the polygon, produces the same result.

The only manual fix is to move the ends of the laterals to the polygon boundary. Because these laterals are part of the irrigation block a message will appear "Block items should not be transformed independently of the block". In Link simply OK the message and move the lateral junction (one at a time). In Standalone hold the Shift key down during the move process.

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