IRRICAD Link with the Version 16 features is Available

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IRRICAD Link with the Version 16 features is Available

Post by jovivier »

IRRICAD Link with the Version 16 features is now available as a free patch. You can read about the major new features on our webpage ... hancements .
Also included is a version compatible with BricsCAD V18.1.

For those of you running Version 15.80 your dongle will have been pre-activated to run IRRICAD Link v16. For those still running IRRICAD Link v15.70 / 15.72 a new activation is required in order to run this version.
To obtain the locking code:-
1. Go to Start | All Programs | Irricad Link | Upgrade Dongle

2. Click the [Get Locking Code] button.

3. Save as an LOC file (click the save icon) and attach to the email or copy and paste the code into the email and send to .

4. A Licence code will be sent to activate your dongle to run Version 16.

The downloads mentioned below may be used for new installations or to upgrade existing V15.xx.70+ installs. To upgrade an existing installation please select the “Yes, remove older versions” option during the installation and do not change the installation folder (this will default to the location of the older version). As always these installs require Administrator rights to be installed correctly.

To install this new version download the new installation from the required link below and install it. When installed the version will be 16.(CAD Version).06.

Installing IRRICAD Link:-
1. Log in as Administrator.

2. If you have more than one version of the CAD application installed ensure you first run the version that is compatible with your IRRICAD plug-in before installing it. Running the CAD application prior to installing IRRICAD Link is also particularly important if you have just installed the CAD application. Close the CAD application.

3. Attach the upgraded dongle to the computer. This is very important especially if you have a lease or expiring dongle. If your lease/expiring dongle is not connected during the installation process then IRRICAD Link will not run.

4. Download the applicable installation:-
For AutoCAD 2016
For AutoCAD 2017
For AutoCAD 2018

For BricsCAD v16.2
For Bricscad v17.2
For BricsCAD v18.1

Note that you may be given the option to run the application or download it - we recommend that you download the application. Save the file to your hard-drive. If you cannot browse for a preferred location the file will be saved into your Downloads folder, commonly accessed via Windows Explorer under the left-hand side option of “Quick Access” or under C:\Users\(your login name)\Downloads.

5. Double-click on the downloaded executable file to run the installation. Select the “Yes remove older versions” option and do not change the installation folder.

6. A new desktop icon will appear on your desktop that can be used to run IRRICAD Link. When running IRRICAD Link for AutoCAD for the first time enable the “Always load this application” and click the [Load] button on the File Loading – Security screen message.


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