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Hello everyone, I upgraded my irricad version (21 now), and it doesn't show any label, I'm designing a drip system, I can't see the maximum and minimum pressures on the layout screen, the symbol appears but I don't see any text, just like the pump, no text. I've tried to configure it but I don't know what else to do. Someone could help me?
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Re: Labels

Post by jovivier »

The Minimum and maximum labels settings are located in Report|Report Settings. Click the [Text] button to configure the text height.

Note that Version 21 has new default layers, including one for labels and one for screen reporting, however if you had previously added your own permanent layers (that is, custom layers that are present for all new designs) then read the forum post "Permanent Layers and Version 21" (viewtopic.php?p=2402#p2402) for information.

If this does not solve your issue please read the forum post "Reasons Why Labels May Not Appear On Your Plan" (viewtopic.php?p=1853#p1853).

If the issue persists please contact your local IRRICAD Support Team for direct assistance.

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