Database wiping

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Database wiping

Post by Brayden »

Sorry if this has been brought up before but when I am editing nozzles in my database there is a 50% chance that after hitting save it will delete all nozzles associated with a certain outlet and "break" the rest of my database.

Has anyone come across this before?
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Re: Database wiping

Post by jovivier »

Hi Brayden,

This is unusual behaviour. Please send your database to with details of which nozzles you are editing and how you are editing them.

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Re: Database wiping

Post by Mike_M »

I also have noticed this behavior a few times. There may be additional reasons, however I believe when you try to edit a nozzle directly through the "outlet" tab this will happen roughly half of the time. Best to edit nozzles in the Nozzle tab.

A helpful way to navigate through all of the nozzles in their respective tab is to go ahead and select (double click) the nozzle within the outlet tab,
highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the Nozzle description or warehouse code (just do not modify anything). Then go to the Nozzle tab hit (Ctrl+F) to find, and (Ctrl+V) to paste, lastly click "find next". It should take you right to it, if you have more than one nozzle with the same description make sure it links up with the proper outlet before making changes.
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