How To Run AutoCAD or BricsCAD without IRRICAD Link

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How To Run AutoCAD or BricsCAD without IRRICAD Link

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Running the “Irricad” profile automatically makes it the default profile for all instances of AutoCAD and BricsCAD. Therefore, even if you run AutoCAD or BricsCAD from their original desktop icons IRRICAD Link will load.

In order to run the original CAD program in the default mode a profile will need to entered in to the standard desktop short-cut.
To do this:-

1. Right-click on the CAD desktop icon and select “Properties”.

2. In the “Target” field add the required profile by adding /P “required profile name” at the end of the string. For example the default profiles are: -

− "<<Unnamed Profile>>" (for AutoCAD)
− "2D Drafting" (for BricsCAD)

If you use your own custom profile simply substitute its name between the speech marks.

The look and functionality of the user interface of both the host CAD program and IRRICAD Link can be highly customized if required.
See Irricad Options|Help Topics – User Manual -> How to Customize BricsCAD / AutoCAD, Section 2.10 for more details.

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