Product FAQs

You can analyse any existing systems, design extensions to existing systems, and design totally new systems in IRRICAD™.

Yes. IRRICAD will even size the pipes for you using the velocity pipe sizing option.

Yes, IRRICAD will calculate the system duty of each system flow (station). You can then use this information to select a pump for the system.

Yes. There is a pump component group to the database. You can enter new pumps easily and use them in any design. Up to ten pumps can be used in any one design.

Yes. If you enter the pressure and head the pump is giving in to the water supply dialog, IRRICAD will use these figures in its designs and/or analysis of the system.

Yes. You can tell IRRICAD to calculate the required system head or specify a particular pressure. For gravity fed systems this pressure can be quite low.

Yes. IRRICAD will design any pressurised system.

Yes. IRRICAD will design any pressurised system.

Yes, you can input electrical items such as wires, controllers and other electrical items. These are included in the Bill of Materials reports. 

Yes - IRRICAD can import survey data, CAD files, images like aerial photographs, and information direct from Google Earth. It is also possible to export to other CAD formats, KML, and PDF files. 

Yes. You can easily enter new items, or you can download manufacturer-specific databases from our website and merge them with your current working database. IRRICAD is supplied with a comprehensive database containing fittings, pipe, sprinkler and other components. 

Yes - You can select pipes sizes, or IRRICAD can size them for you based on the pressure required at sprinklers and valves. You can also size pipes based on a maximum velocity in the pipes. IRRICAD can trade running costs against capital cost when selecting pipe sizes and therefore provide a long-term economic solution. You can change the economic criteria to effect pipe selection. You can also select some pipe sizes manually and ask IRRICAD to select the rest for you.

Yes. IRRICAD can automatically select fittings from the database to solve connections. It is easy to make IRRICAD select the type of fittings you specifically wish to use.

Yes. IRRICAD interpolates between contours and/or spot heights and uses the results during pipe sizing and hydraulic analysis. Elevations are also used to calculate the pipe lengths.

Yes, IRRICAD generates reports from templates. These templates can be customised to your personal requirements for both content and style.

IRRICAD Standalone is an integrated package and does not require any other software. 

IRRICAD Link is a plug-in and requires AutoCAD Pro 2018 or 2019 or BricsCAD Pro & Platinum v18 or v19.

Yes - these designs are easily converted to the new format.

No - unfortunately AutoCAD LT cannot support plug-ins. You must have AutoCAD Pro 2018 or 2019. Alternatively you can purchase BricsCAD Pro or Platinum v18 or v19, which can be purchased through Lincoln Agritech , please contact us to order at

AutoCAD is available for lease from Autodesk

BricsCAD is available for purchase through Lincoln Agritech, please contact us to order at

For 12 months after purchasing IRRICAD you will receive free priority support along with any patches or minor upgrades that are applicable to the version purchased. After this period we recommend purchasing our annual upgrade to receive an updated version of IRRICAD, including new features, and priority support for another 12 months. Contact your local distributor for upgrade pricing.

Our IRRICAD Standalone program is available in eight languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Hebrew and Portuguese. IRRICAD Link is currently available in English and will be released in French, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese during the next 12 months.

The following hardware is recommended for IRRICAD:

  • Computer: Intel i7 or equivalent processor, minimum 16GB Ram. 512 Mb Video and 500+ GB Hard disk
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or 11.
  • Printers: IRRICAD can print plans and reports on any Windows compatible printer or plotter.

IRRICAD is a Windows application and will not run directly under MAC/OS.  Dual booting to Windows on Intel based MACs is one work-around, or it could be possible to run Windows as a virtual machine (using Parallels or Fusion) on Intel based MACs. Note that MAC OS 11 or higher are not available with an Intel chip and therefore IRRICAD will not be able to run even under the above options.