Training workshops

IRRICAD™ regularly holds international workshops. Contact us if you would like to participate in an upcoming session.

Scheduled training workshops:

New Zealand:

Lincoln, Canterbury, 10-13th September 2018

When:                 10th-13th September 2018

Where:                Lincoln Agritech Head Office (Engineering Drive, Lincoln, Christchurch)

Monday 10th September - Beginning with IRRICAD - the foundation course.  Covering topics such as:- what IRRICAD needs in a design, methods to lay out sprinklers, importing, producing simple designs of different types, working with multiple valves, computer selection of fittings, and possibly K-Line designs.

Tuesday 11th September - Advancing with IRRICAD - includes mainline designs, using pumps in designs, multiple water supplies, inputting data into the database, troubleshooting. 

Wednesday 12th September - Useful Information and IRRICAD Design Practices - we will have an open forum where you can ask to go over any topic you have questions about.  It is a good way to re-visit things that you need a bit of a refresher on.  This can involve a more in-depth look at what may have been covered in the previous 2 days (if done back to back).

This course may also include:
Mainline Designs - travelling irrigators, pivots, stock water, rural water systems
Databases and Fitting Selection
Advanced IRRICAD Design Tips
Importing of elevations
Getting Elevation data from LINZ
Checking elevation accuracy
Understanding elevation method options
Short cuts & tricks
Managing layers
Labeling tips
Bill of materials and Assemblies
How to produce a staged BOM
Quick navigation
Quick tips for layers
Use of hydraulic automatic labels
Useful Information
User Tools
Hydraulic Gradelines and Extra Options
Tips for Using Multiple Water Supplies
Naming and Numbering
New features in Version 16.

Thursday 13th September – IRRICAD Link and navigating the new platform – what you need to know to get the most out of the new platform and how to customise IRRICAD Link.


Jo Vivier (Lincoln Agritech) or phone +64 (3) 325 3718

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